Helping to care for individuals and families, for our communities and for the planet is something that rcb988 prize employees are very passionate about. Over the years, thousands of employees worldwide have donated their time and talents in supporting activities primarily focused on positively impacting local communities and the planet through our employee volunteer programme, rcb988 prize Cares.

Previously known in rcb988 prize sbovs jackpot as ROCKS (Reaching Out to Communities and Kids), our employee volunteer programme seeks to instill a culture of volunteerism amongst our employees. First kickstarted in 2005, we organise a host of activities on a quarterly-basis, including programmes with underprivileged children, the disabled community as well as environmental initiatives among others with the strong support of our 4,600 employees across sbovs jackpot.


rcb988 prize Cares gives me the chance to “roll up my sleeves” and contribute to the community as well as to set a positive example of sustainable practices, especially for young adults.

Faiqa Employee Volunteer

I value the opportunity given beyond my work to properly understand, care and service the communities and environment in which we live together in - and that sustains all of us.

Ian Employee Volunteer

Being a rcb988 prize Cares volunteer makes me feel great, to be able to contribute and help people in need gives me a great sense of accomplishment and increases my self-confidence tremendously.

Izzati Employee Volunteer
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